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L: 56
W: 35
H: 34
kg: Roughly 6kg
Designed for commercial applications where
quiet high performance is required.

What is new in the origin BE Series?
A new colour scheme for each model.

New bumpers and air deflection. There are now three bumpers for extra protection.
The two lower bumpers also work as air deflectors. The air exhausts
vertically in the front of the vac for by-pass and flo-through models.
The bumpers are part of the vac motor vibration absorption.
A new lower motor shroud with dual wall and flexible outer wall.
The dual wall contributes to quieter operation, no heat from the motor radiating
to the operator. It also allows for the outer front wall to flex and absorb energy
on contact with a wall, reducing the chance of wall damage.
This shroud also is where the new back support is mounted.
A new moulded back support. This support is mounted away from the main
vacuum cleaner body to allow good air flow for the operator’s back, but it also
allows for a good ergonomic fit. The support has ventilation and is sculpted to
fit any back with a cut away for the operators spine.
This back support is flexible so that as the operator moves it does not “dig” into
his or her back, but still maintains constant contact and support.
It has been designed to still offer support to the operator even if the waist pads
are not done up.
It maintains the right position so that the vacuum cleaner does not touch the
operators upper back, which is constantly moving in a vacuum clean operation.
The new range is quieter than the previous models and of our main competitors.
A point to note is that a difference of 1 dB(A) is 10 times the sound level difference.
On average the Pack Vac is 4 dB(A) higher than an Origin BE Series.

Voltage 220-240
Motor Type Domel Flow-through
Rated Power 1300W
Air Flow L/sec 43
Vacuum Kpa 22
Sound Level dB(A) 70.6
Capacity 5 Liters
Filtration 4 stage
Filter Bag Polypropylene95% at 0.1 micron
Exhaust Filter
Carbon exhaust Filter
Cable Length 15M Detachable IEC
Protection Class Standard
Open Paper Bag
Sealed Maxiflo Bag
Powerhead Receptacle
4.85 Kg