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Tennant’s T16 Battery-Powered Ride-on Scrubber Reduces Cost of Ownership By Up To 20%
•Achieve up to 20% lower cost of ownership when compared to similar ride-on scrubber with Tennant’s quality construction and innovative cleaning technologies
•Clean up to three times longer with a single tank of water when using ec-H2O technology or FaST foam activated scrubbing technology
•Scrub any time, anywhere with quiet operation at 68 dBA

Key machine features of the T16 Ride-on Scrubber
•Touch n Go™ control module with 1 Step™ button allows operator to safely change scrub settings without removing hands from the steering wheel
•Large 189 L solution tank provides performance to clean large spaces
•Easy-to-identify maintenance touch points ensure your investment is properly maintained and protected

Choose the ideal options to tailor the T16 Ride-on Scrubber to your environment

•Side scrubbing brush expands to effectively clean floor edges by increasing the cleaning path to improve cleaning productivity
•Overhead guard, heavy duty bumpers, and rear squeegee guard protect the operator and the ride-on scrubber
•On-board vac wand and wide spray nozzle extend cleaning to hard-to-reach areas